The Amusement Park for Birds, DVD (NTSC Format)

The Amusement Park for Birds DVD presents a behind the scenes documentary of how the teachers in Reggio Emilia, Italy design and support a long term project. Over the course of four months the children at La Villetta school created a set of attractions for the birds who visit their yard. This DVD includes over 15 random access chapters to help you understand the Reggio Emilia approach. You will see:

• How children deepen their understanding by using
different mediums.
• How the project is supported by the entire town.
• How situations are designed to encourage a team
approach to tasks.
• How the project grows to involve the entire school.
• How teachers plan for possibilites and make
• How children learn to present and debate
their own ideas.
• How the teachers find methods to emotionally
involve the children.
• How a master atelierista documents the project
when it is over.

Produced by George Forman and Lella Gandini in consulation with Giovanni Piazza, Amelia Gambetti, Carla Rinaldi, and Loris Malaguzzi